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Demonstrated leadership & techno-commercial expertise in integrating science, technology & commerce in the ‘concept-to-commercialization’ innovation cycle, leading to successful commercialization of more than 30 product / process technologies todate
Broad experience of 35 years in scientific research, teaching, technology development, consultancy & innovation management in academic & corporate environments in U.S.A., India & Europe and also as an entrepreneur, in the areas of speciality chemicals, polymers, synthetic fibres & novel textiles including non-wovens.
  Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering/Materials Science,
University of Delaware, U.S.A. (1974).
National Science Foundation Research Fellowship of U.S. Govt.
  M.Ch.E., University of Delaware, U.S.A. (1972)
  B.Ch.E., University Dept. of Chemical Technology
Bombay University, India (1969)
National Merrit Scholarship of Govt. of India
Corporate R & D Experience
Director (Research & Technology) & Head, Reliance Technology Centre, Polyester Business, Reliance Industries Ltd. (1996-2008), the largest private sector company in India with annual sales of about $ 30 billion.
Set up the R & D centre for polyester research, starting with 4 scientists in 1996 to a peak team strength of 65, delivering a number of novel product / process innovations to the business.
Industrial R & D experience of eight years in U.S.A. at the ‘Du Pont Experimental Station’ in Wilmington, Delaware (1974-77) & at the ‘Technical Center’ of Owens Corning Fiberglas (OCF) Corporation in Granville, Ohio (1978-81), in fibre spinning technologies of polyester, nylon, acrylic, aramid & glass fibers; non-wovens; product design & processing of composites; polymer & fiber characterization.
Set up the ‘Exploratory Research’ group in polymeric materials with staff strength of 12 scientists/engineers at OCF (1978-81).
Eight U.S. patents, 6 Indian patents & more than 20 new patent applications (pending); refer to attached list.
Academic Experience
Established the research programme in Polymer Science & Engineering (PSE) with group strength of 30 researchers at the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) in Pune (India), a Government of India supported R & D institute (1981-93).
Deputy Director & Head, Chemical Engineering Division, NCL (1989-93), leading a group of 30 lead scientists/engineers (Ph.D.) with 20 support staff & 25 research scholars.
  Member, Executive Council, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University (1991-97).
  Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of technology, Bombay (1993-96).
  Golden Jubilee Fellow, Plastics Section, U.D.C.T., Bombay University (1992-97).
  Visiting Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Centre for Composite Materials, University of Delaware, U.S.A. (1989-90).
  Invited lectures at reputed international universities including:
:: Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.A.
:: University of Naples, Italy
:: University of Palermo, Italy
:: Seoul National University, Korea
Recognised Ph.D. Research Guide for Chemical Engineering, Plastics Technology, Chemistry & Physics at Bombay & Delhi I.I.T.’s, University Department of Chemical Technology (Bombay University), and Pune University; mentored fourteen Ph.D. & four M.S. research students
Member, Reviewers’ Panel of reputed international journals in Polymer Science & Engg. (Macromolecules, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Industrial & Engg. Chemistry Research, etc.)
More than 100 scientific publications in peer-reviewed international journals, book chapters, etc. (composite citation index of 5.79)
Entrepreneurial Experience
Managing Director, Techcellence Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd., Pune, a company involved in consultancy and contract research for process & product innovation with polymers & fibres through ‘knowledge engineering’, founded by Dr. Nadkarni in 1993; a no. of product / process technology upgradation & development projects successfully executed with about 30 Indian & overseas (USA, Europe) companies in the past 15 years.
Consultant to leading companies in India and abroad in polyester fibre/filament manufacture; applications development of engineering plastics, such as polyphenylene sulfide, PTFE (Teflon), etc.; design & development of molded composite products for engineering applications; compounding technology for polymer blends/alloys and thermoplastic composites; phenolic resin manufacture; polyurethane formulations & applications development.
Chairman, Rand Polyproducts Pvt. Ltd., Pune, a company involved in the development & manufacture of specialty polyurethane and epoxy resins for the electronics industry & for adhesives, sealants, paints & coatings (Company established in 1984 with Dr. Nadkarni as one of the founder promoters)
Managing Partner, ‘Procsim Engineers’, Pune, a firm involved in process simulation software development; ‘SPINWELL-PET’ melt spinning simulation software procured by Du Pont, Wellman, Zimmer, Neumag, Unifi, Reliance, SABIC, etc.
Technical advisor to Government agencies and industry in technology selection of polyolefin plants, PET fibre plants, composite technology including carbon fibre manufacture (1981-92).
Professional Recognition & Awards (major)
Profile included in the millenium issue (2000) of “Who’s Who in Plastics & Polymers” (Society of Plastics Engineers, U.S.A.)
Distinguished Materials Scientist Award, Institution of Engineers (India) (1995).
Fellow, Indian Academy of Science (since 1993).
Materials Research Society of India (MRSI) Medal (1991)
I.C.M.A. Award for Export of Engineering Services to China as a member of NCL team (1991).
Hindustan Lever Award (Biennial) for Outstanding Chemical Engineer, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (1990).
Dr. Vikas Nadkarni - NEW Patents Application
Sr.No. Title Type Date of Filing Reference Number
Modified Polyethylene Terephthalate staple fibers and filament yarns produced by batch and continuous polymerization process exhibiting a combination of useful properties of easy dyeability, controlled shrinkage and improved tensile properties
Indian  21/11/03 IN224104 
Self crimping fully drawn high bulk yarns and method of producing thereof  
Indian 16/07/04 IN224345  
PCT 14/07/05 WO06/027794A2
US 12/1/2007 US20070254153
Short polyester fibers as secondary reinforcement in cementitious materials 
Indian 28/07/04 IN 226352
Inherently coloured polyester,polymers,fibers and filaments and process for producing them 
Indian 10/08/05 931/MUM/2005
Multilobal filament fabrics and process for making the same.
Indian 10/08/05 932/MUM/2005
Process of producing ultrafine microdenier filaments and fabrics made thereof
Indian 10/08/05 934/MUM/2005
Improved process for the production of  higher molecular weight polyester resin for the low molecular weight crystalline prepolymer.
Indian 22/08/05 987/MUM/2005
Modified polyester resin having slow rate of crystallization 
Indian 22/08/05 988/MUM/2005
Polyester resin having improved frictional properties
Indian 22/08/05 989/MUM/2005
A process plant comprising reactor internals coated with low surface energy materials and process for the production of polyester resin using the same
Indian 10/04/06 562/MUM/2006
A process for preparing conducting thermoplastic polyester fibers,monofilaments or multifilament yarn and products thereof 
Indian 10/04/06 563/MUM/2006
PCT 17/11/06 WO/2007/116416
An efficient process for the production of polyester 
Indian 19/12/06 2077/MUM/2006
PCT 30/3/2007 WO 2008/075373
Easily Alkali Soluble Polyester and method of producing the same 
Indian 23/01/2007 134/MUM/2007
PCT 30/03/2007 WO 2008/090566
Novel adducts as branching agents for condensation polymer and method for producing the same.
Indian 1/3/2007 395/MUM/2007
PCT 29/02/08 WO 2008/104999
Controlled branched polyester and process for making the same.
Indian 1/3/2007 396/MUM/2007
PCT 29/02/2008 WO 2008/105000
An efficient and cost-effective process for production of coloured thermoplastic polymer 
Indian 10/4/2007 709/MUM/2007
PCT 2/4/2008 WO 2008/122986
Novel Catalysts for the production of Polyester
Indian 16/07/2007 1352/MUM/2007
PCT 16/07/2008 PCT/IN08/00456
Novel Catalysts for the production of Polyester 
Indian 16/07/2007 1353/MUM/2007
PCT 16/07/2008 PCT/IN08/00457
An efficient process for the production of High Molecular weight Polyester and low molecular weight prepolymer.
Indian  19/07/2007 1390/MUM/2007
PCT 15/07/2008 PCT/IN08/000451
An improved solid-state polymerization process for the production of high molecular weight polyethylene terephthalate
Indian  16/10/2007 2056/MUM/2007
PCT 16/10/2008 PCT/IN2008/000678
An improved process for the production of slow crystallizing polyester resin
PCT 8/14/2006 WO/2007/052294
An efficient process for the production of high molecular weight polyester
PCT 7/19/2008 WO/2009/060470

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